My computing back story

After much badgering to my parents in the early 00's we finally got our first proper family computer; a shiny new eMachines Windows XP machine. Rationed to 30 minute stints, most of it was spent browsing Cartoon Network and drawing abstract art in paint!

Once I'd exhausted all what MS Paint had to offer I moved on to Piczo (now defunct unfortunately); a basic webpage builder with a similar feel to Geocities. You didn't need to know HTML to build webpages, however I quickly found myself using the 'HTML snippet' element to create 90% of my website.

Piczo turned out to be a great entry point into the world of web development, and I took that knowledge to sixth form and university which helped me breeze through the web development modules with ease. After graduating I've been working 8 years as a full stack web developer and maintain a great enthusiasm for the web.

Skills that pay the bills

Recent work

  • Development lead for Ocean Independence website project details
  • Development lead for National Numeracy Challenge project details
  • [Personal project] A Cards Against Humanity, browser based game using PHP and websockets Fill in the Blanks
  • [Personal project] Continued development my own blog content management system Hamlet CMS

Aug 2018

Karate belts

Passed Acquia Drupal 8 Developer Exam

Apr 2018

Karate belts

Won 2nd place at KUGB summer camp black belt kata competition

Oct 2017

Karate belts

Graded to KUGB 3rd Dan Black Belt

May 2017


Started my current role as a Drupal developer for Coherence

Jan 2017


In the top 10% of entrants to World CodeSprint 9 on

Jan 2012


Began internship at Dynamic Technical Concepts in Burgess Hill

Jun 2011

Celebratory mug

Graduated with 2:1 in Mathematics and Computing, University of Brighton

Sep 2008


Moved to Brighton to start studying for bachelor's degree

Jun 2008


Passed Mathematics, Computing, Business and Art A Levels, Wrotham School

Dec 2007

Karate belts

Passed black belt grading

Jun 2006

Malling swan

Finished GCSEs with 9 A-C grades, The Malling School


Karate belts

Started karate training



Moved to Kent

May 1990


Born in Hastings


  • Practising and teaching Karate
  • Watching Motorsport
  • Listening to Classic Rock music
  • Working on my own code Projects